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"Power for Positive Living" 

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Welcome to the official Bujinkan Kumogakure Dojo Website. We apologize for the mess as we are currently updating this site with new info.

We are a small and very personal self-defense martial arts training group. Based more along the lines of the ancient family Ryu (tradition/school). Where each member is looked at as a friend.

We train in Bujinkan Taijutsu / Ninjutsu. The way of the Ninja and Samurai. This is not the fluff you see in movies or on TV. Nor are we assassins (See FAQ). It is a thorough system of training for facing dangerous situations successfully. The goal of our training is to equip our members with the knowledge, skill and experience to deal with conflict and opposition effectively, and to "attain that which we need, while making the world a better place".

Since the skills explored can be dangerous when applied, trust in those we train with is a must for a safe and productive experience. For this reason, we choose who we train with just like we would choose a friend.

We are now offering classes in SYLVA, NC! Enrollment is now open!

Life-Enhancing Benefits

1. Explore new ways of thinking and moving
2. Sense of peace and security

3. Increased sense of self confidence and personal strength.
4. Skills of personal discipline
5. Practical self-protection skills
6. Develop a network of interesting friends
7. Increase family closeness for family
members who train together.
8. Spirit of adventure
And so much more

Basic Training involves learning the following skills:

  • Taihenjutsu (body movement/avoidance & changing) involves learning correct posture, footwork, rolling and avoidance skills such as distancing, timing and awareness.
  • Dakentaijutsu (striking skills) involves learning how to use the entire body as a striking tool and learning how to apply and receive the techniques effectively.
  • Jutaijutsu (body/grappling/wrestling skills) involves learning how to apply and escape from throws, locks, chokes and holds.

More Advanced training also includes:

  • Traditional and Modern self-defense tools: Sword, knife, long staff, short staff, stick, chain, rope, projectiles, etc.
  • Multiple Attackers and suprise attacks.
  • Traditional "fight Scenario's" with modern application from various traditions within the Bujinkan.
  • Protecting others.
  • Warrior Philosophy and personal development.

We also hold training seminars throughout the year on various topics related to the warrior arts. 


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Home,  News and Events,  About UsBujinkan Ninjutsu, Q & A,  Photo Gallery,  Contact Us,  Testimonials,  Resources,  Techniques,  Self-Defense Programs,  Contact Us

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